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What if I am not sure? Do you do trials?

Yes! Understand that we are far more concerned with you having contact lenses that work. For that reason, we generally offer trial periods for you to wear contacts at home and at your office. Your feedback is important to us in adjusting any fit, comfort or vision needs before ordering the final contacts. As mentioned before, in fitting, refitting or evaluating contact lenses, there are professional fees which cover the doctor and professional staff involvement and are based on the time and complexity of your case. For example, an experienced wearer changing from a traditional soft lens to a higher oxygen soft lens will usually have a lower investment of professional fees as compared to a new patient who has never worn contact lenses and wants to wear multifocal lenses. These are non-refundable service fees. Only when you and the doctor are satisfied with the success of your contact lenses will your full material fees be collected and annual supply of lenses ordered.


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