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My Prescription After Cataract Surgery

Depending on your goals at the time of your cataract surgery, the implant may have corrected some, or all of vision prescription. Over time, you may still need glasses for driving, watching television, reading or for computer work.

Here are your options to assist you with making sure you continue to see clearly:


Distance only or progressive multi-focal lenses.

Office (Computer) lenses

This lens provides enhanced vision up to a five-to-ten-foot range and is especially good for computer work or reading.

Contact lenses

Yes! You can wear contact lenses after cataract surgery. Many of our patients do. They can be single vision for a certain distance, multifocal or monovision as desired.

Lasik surgery

While you may have been told you couldn’t have Lasik surgery performed prior to cataract surgery, you may be able to have it done once the cataracts are removed.

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