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Dr. Keg's Thoughts

Do I Have to Wear Bifocals?
February 18, 2015

Wouldn't you be thrilled to know you do NOT have to wear bifocals?  Bifocals, or more accurately now - progressive lenses, were  created to improve how a patient functions in the real world. Presbyopia is the condition where we lose focusing muscle strength that occurs for most people in their early 40’s. No one can avoid it.  For some people who are nearsighted, they just need glasses for distance. For other people, it begins with a difficulty seeing close objects but eventually expands to include some blurriness when looking at far-away objects.

The fix for many people is to have a pair of glasses for far away, if needed, and a pair for up close. As an eye doctor, I very seldom tell a patient they have to go to bifocals. However, we do listen closely and respond to our patients who say, “I want one pair of glasses that allows me to see far away, up close, and the computer without having to take them off.” Then, the best option is a progressive bifocal pair of glasses. Ninety-seven percent of our patients adapt to progressive lenses and use them with success. For some, a progressive lens just doesn’t meet their needs or provide adequate and comfortable vision.  For those people we still have the option of one pair for distance and one pair for near. Do you have to wear bifocals? The answer is no. Yet, from experience, most people at some point choose to wear bifocals (progressives) because it makes their life easier. And that’s what we’re all about - trying to provide you the best vision and solutions to make your life easier.





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