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Dr. Keg's Thoughts

November 25, 2014

We often hear the question in the exam room, “Wow, I really love the friendliness of your staff, the thoroughness of the exams, and how you explained my family member's eye condition. Are you accepting new patients?” The short answer is yes!  We see patients from 2 days old all the way to 105+ years old. We work very hard on our access to be able to see more patients who are interested in the quality eye health and vision care our offices and doctors provide.

The notion of “not accepting new patients” seems to stem from some general physicians who limit their personal panel size of patients. I’m not questioning this because as a practice, the addition of extra patients requires more thought. If the business has the capacity, it’s an easy decision to add more patients. If however, the business is maxed out, the doctor and managers have to decide what it would take to provide care to more new patients.  We want to meet each and every patient’s needs now, and in the future, even if that requires adding to our doctor and staff team.

In essence, we’re always open for new patients!  One of the greatest compliments you can give us is to come as a patient yourself and recommend us to other family members and friends.  







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