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Dr. Keg's Thoughts

A Big Day, A Big Week!
February 1, 2016

It's an exciting week for America! This week a selection of candidates will be vetted, scrutinized, reviewed and analyzed both in person and on tape for every move they have made.  Their potential to help the team will be evaluated.

It is national Signing Day for football seniors. On Wednesday, February 3rd, Division One college football programs will find out if their scholarship offers to outstanding high school football recruits are accepted. This annual event has created a cottage industry of recruiting analysts, who evaluate and rate players with star systems. Average Joes, like me, say "Will we get a 5 star recruit? How many 4-stars have we landed?  Oh, he signed but he is only a three star…well, what was our coach thinking?" 

The National Signing Day phenomenon has become so big that I often wonder if some of the fans and alumni don’t spend more time focused on the potential recruits, who have not played college football, then the actual returnees who have proven themselves in the heat of battle. Great football coaches are smart and know that while it is important to have the best recruits, it is more important that you value, shape and grow the players you have
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