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Cool Springs Eye Care: Your Trusted Franklin Optometrists

We Are Redefining
Vision Care

comprehensive children's eye examination
comprehensive children's eye examination


At Cool Springs Eye Care We Truly Believe That...
Sight is Precious,
Healthy Vision — Vital

A Team Focused on Your Vision,
& Dedicated to Your Care
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Enhancing Eye Care — Working Together for Better Vision

Our commitment goes beyond providing routine eye exams; we aim to elevate your eye care experience. With a vast selection of contact lenses and frames in styles, brands, and colors, we cater to diverse preferences, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your face.

Our eye doctors prioritize not only crisp and clear vision but also the long-term health of your eyes, with eye exams that detect diseases in their earliest stages. Your vision matters to us, and we ensure that every patient receives personalized attention, warm service, and quality care.


Your Eyes are in Safe Hands!
Our Advanced Optometry Services

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Clarity Begins with a Closer Look — Complete Eye Exams

Whether you're due for a routine checkup or seeking advanced assessments, our eye exams detect potential issues in their earliest stages, ensuring eye health.

Your Ally in Eye Disease Management

By leveraging the latest optometric tech, we tailor our disease management strategies to address individual needs and preserve vision and overall eye health.

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All Age Groups for Eye Care Services

Find Your Fit — Broad Range of Contact Lenses

From dailies to specialty options like scleral lenses, we offer a diverse selection to suit your lifestyle and vision needs. We’ll guide you through the fitting process for long-term eye comfort.

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Until this past year, I have gone to the same eye doctor for 35 years. My old eye doctor retired and I have been to Cool Springs Eye Care for the past two check ups. I have been pleasantly please with the entire staff and doctors at this location. I definitely recommend CSEC to anyone in need.
2 months ago
- Ryan C.
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Our vision therapy programs, tailored to each patient's needs, aim to improve visual efficiency, enhance visual processing abilities, and correct binocular vision issues.


Our sports vision training program aims to enhance the visual skills essential for excelling in sports, such as dynamic visual acuity, eye-tracking, depth perception, and peripheral vision.


Our experienced team has the latest technology and expertise to diagnose and manage eye emergencies with the utmost care and precision, prioritizing your safety and vision health.

Our Eye Doctors Are Passionate Professionals Who Prioritize Your Needs

Dr. CJ Areephanthu
Dr. Robin Brady
Dr. Camille Barberic
Dr. Mark Kroll, MD
Dr. Aimee Jacobs
Dr. Daniel Kelly
Dr. Jeffrey Kegarise